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Our Paris Favorite Restaurant in Nov. 2017: Le Sourire

Our Paris Favorite Restaurant in Nov. 2017: Le Sourire

12 Nov 2017 / Written by  / Blog Tours4Foodies

There are restaurants that we keep in our bucket list for some time but we are impatient to give them a try as we can know that they are going to be an excellent experience from the beginning to the end. Le Sourire is one of them.

When you arrive at Le Sourire, you find there a relatively small dining room, with an clear view into most of the kitchen, not really impressive but well done. Every guest at Le Sourire is being treated like a long-lost friend, with a big smile on the face. The service is outstanding and very friendly. The menu is not extensive, but it is based on what is in season. Several small appetizers are brought out between servings, and the wine list is excellent (not huge, but with outstanding selections).

In a word, 2 great things you will experience at Le Sourire:

- The service at Le Sourire is both efficient and personable with waiters who really want to serve you in the best way.

- The food is excellent, innovative and fresh. Definitely Worth a Michelin Star at least.

The only thing that is not optimal at le Sourire is the restaurant location: in the 13th district, right next to Paris largest prison, this is not so glamorous. But anyway, you have to go there and try this gem by yourself! :)

32 EUR for a 3-course lunch from Tuesday to Friday, this is great value for money.

Address: 15 Rue de la Santé, 75013 Paris

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